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Today's Security Entrances Are Sophisticated

Building security entrances have undergone tremendous growth in sophistication and technological advancement. But building security is much more than just installing the latest electronic door and software package. Security considerations go far beyond providing safety for all the employees, the staff, and the visitors who use a building.

For a myriad of reasons, including today's civil unrest, a range of different building types – healthcare facilities, banks, governmental buildings, retail stores, hotels, industrial complexes, offices with sensitive data storage areas – all have specific and unique security entrance needs.

On top of that, systems must also be responsive to codes and regulations, appropriately interactive with other building systems, scalable in the future and cost effective now.

Which is why working with an experienced partner like The Door Company is so important.

When It Comes to Security Entrances, Experience Counts

For over 30 years, The Door Company has been a front runner in the field of aesthetic, intelligent, and sustainable door security solutions.

The Door Company specializes in routine and complex security entry and access control systems for every level of need. From a one door small business to an enterprise system with super-sophisticated Homeland Security doors – we can meet all of your security system needs. Our technicians all have full security and drug testing clearance.

We Work With Your Team

By focusing on commercial doors in the Columbus area, we have extensive experience working with architects, interior designers, general contractors, owners and property managers on planning, designing and installing standard and high security revolving doors, turnstiles and portals – even those that require government level security checks. This makes The Door Company an ideal partner to General Contractors requiring Section 8 and 28 CSI Division Projects.

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To learn more about how we can help with your security entrance solutions, or for any questions you might have, please call us at 614-338-1414.

No Obligation, No Charge for Estimates or Design Proposals

If you are working on a new building, or looking to change or add to an existing door system, simply give us a call. There is no obligation and no charge for product, installation, service or warranty estimates and proposals.

Our Door Solutions Include:

  • Emergency Door Repair 24/7/365
  • Planned Maintenance Programs with Emergency Breakdown Service to ensure minimal downtime of your equipment
  • State of Ohio Code Compliance Inspections and Fire Door Certification
  • Repair or Renovation of existing door systems
  • No Charge Proposals and Estimates
  • Parts and Labor Warranties
  • Uniformed, Drug-Tested Factory Certified Technicians
  • Ability to service older existing products
Commercial Door Repair truck

How many times have you called a door company only to have them not show up? If you're not getting the level of service you deserve - give US a call. We'll arrive in a timely manner and guarantee the customer service that you expect!