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Alluser Portals

Alluser Secure Entry Portals

Located just west of Venice, Italy (in Padova), Alluser Industrie is a worldwide leader and pioneer in the development of integrated high security and access control portal systems. They developed one of the most innovative integrated systems of security and access control – the motorized automatic portal with curved doors. The first Alluser secure portal installed in 1979 (35 years ago) is still working today.

Alluser secure access portals are built to stop criminals, absorb blows, and reject bullets. For example, they offer Class 4 resistance (against attack of experienced thieves) and Class 3 resistance (against tools like a hacksaw, axe, heavy hammer, plate shears, bolt cutter or electric drill). They include anti-weapon metal detection and anti-tailgating capabilities.

Alluser Industrie Portals

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On top of an optimal product from the technological point of view, only Alluser secure entry portals offer refined Italian aesthetic design. High security with an added touch of elegance to your environment.

The Door Company has been installing and servicing Alluser Portals in the United States for over 15 years.