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Commercial Door Maintenance

Because your doors are a necessary component of your building’s overall function and safety, keeping them operating at peak performance is critical to your business.

That’s why our commercial door maintenance program – Planned Preventative Maintenance – is an ever-increasing aspect of building asset management. Optimize your doors with our PPM program, a periodic series of scheduled visits to inspect, maintain and repair them, thus avoiding unscheduled breakdowns and downtime. A one-hour personal phone response and 4 hour on-site presence can be included with our PPM commercial door maintenance contracts.

PPM Advantages:

  • Help to improve door performance
  • Improved safety and quality conditions for everyone
  • Avoid unplanned maintenance activity and cost
  • Better conservation and increased life expectancy of doors
  • Timely, routine repairs circumvent fewer large-scale repairs
  • Spread maintenance costs over a planned period of time
  • Provides a level of comfort and peace-of-mind
  • When scheduled with periodic inspections, can fulfill building code requirements

Call 614-338-1414 today to discuss a Planned Preventative Maintenance Program for your building(s).

No Obligation, No Charge for Estimates or Design Proposals.

If you are working on a new building, or looking to change or add to an existing door system, simply give us your specifications and let our experienced staff present some design options. There is no obligation and no charge for estimates and proposals.